Split-turns makes managing everyday cleaning routines fun between roommates.. Create schedules, groups and send reminders to your room mates. Mark of when you turn is finished and let the next person take charge of the room. All shared tasks and grouped under one category for each member to easily keep track of his/her cleaning turn.


It is such a pain to keep track of who has to clean the room next or who had cleaned it previously. There was a need for an app that could take control of monitoring the cleaning schedules. Eliminate the need for papers to manage the cleaning turns.


After a market research I found that there are very few competitors who actually provide a similar functionality but the user experience is awful. The user’s really wanted something that is simple and very intuitive to use. An application that provides a great user centric experience.

I validated my assumptions with user interviews which really helped me understand the user better, what goals do they need to accomplish and how they would like to do it.


Personas helped us get an in-depth knowledge about the users of the application. It helped us get and idea of the user’s expectations and how they would go about using the application. Our goal for creating these personas was to build an empathy for the users which really laid the foundation for building a product that is completely focused on solving the user’s problem.

User Flow

User flows help you to completely analyze the user’s experience before really creating the feature. It helps you really understand the features necessary or features that need improvements to the user.


In order to have the product validated by the user before the design and development process I had to build a high-fidelity wireframes. In order to capture the actual user response we tried to stick with data as real as possible.

The Design

Finally after a lot of user research, validation it was time for some visual designs. Overall the user was pretty impressed with the products features and we could move on to the next step of designing.

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