Patient Care application facilitates the monitoring of patients’ health for their caregivers. We have a customizable task list for the patients, enabled with reminders, which enables tracking their daily chores and duties. The application also communicates the recent locations of the patient via a tracking mechanism enabled using GPS technology.

The Problem

Often, caretakers find it difficult to manage their patients without being in the same physical space. This poses a lot of challenges for the caretakers and patients alike. For instance, caretakers have to physically check on their patients on a daily basis, which can have a toll on the patient who wishes to be more independent. Further, patients suffering from dementia, as an example, are sometimes found wandering without anyone besides them. Subsequently, keeping track of and logging the progress of patients can be quite a challenge.

The Challenge

The target audience for the application ranged from an elderly parent to an adult or child with autism. It is best suited for people who are comfortable using mobile technology.

One of the other challenges was that we had to work with very few resources and the project was really time constrained. We had to interview people working in the health sector and gather their inputs to build a better product with great user experience.

The Research

We did a market research for competitors who are offering functionalities: like creating tasks, patient monitoring, geolocation tracking. Based on the data collected we analyzed their user experience, trying to identify their pros and cons. We mockup couple of user personas and flows.

The market currently does not have a one­stop solution application for patient­caretaker relationships. One would need to rely on multiple applications instead, like Carezone and Unfrazzle. Carezone offers features such as To­dos, Medications, and News updates. They do not have a tracking feature. Unfrazzle currently includes features such as the ability to make sure assigned tasks are completed, ability to schedule one­time or ongoing events, and share notes and tasks. Our application will combine as many of these features as possible while providing an intuitive user experience and interaction.


Personas helped us get an in-depth knowledge about the users of the application. It helped us get and idea of the user’s expectations and how they would go about using the application. Our goal for creating these personas was to build an empathy for the users which really laid the foundation for building a product that is completely focused on solving the user’s problem.

User Flow

User flows help you to completely analyze the user’s experience before really creating the feature. It helps you really understand the features necessary or features that need improvements to the user.


In order to have the product validated by the user before the design and development process I had to build a high-fidelity wireframes. In order to capture the actual user response we tried to stick with data as real as possible.

The Design

Finally after a lot of user research, validation it was time for some visual designs. Overall the user was pretty impressed with the products features and we could move on to the next step of designing.

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