Motion Designs


Split-turns makes managing everyday cleaning routines fun between roommates.. Create schedules, groups and send reminders to your room mates. Mark of when you turn is finished and let the next person take charge of the room. All shared tasks and grouped under one category for each member to easily keep track of his/her cleaning turn.

Patient Care

Patient Care application facilitates the monitoring of patients’ health for their caregivers. We have a customizable task list for the patients, enabled with reminders, which enables tracking their daily chores and duties. The application also communicates the recent locations of the patient via a tracking mechanism enabled using GPS technology.


Zipcar is a hourly car rental service. Its a smartest way to get around the city. I wanted to try out a design for the apple watch and try to make the experience better. Here is a motion design for the apple watch.

Music Player

After using the iOS Music player on my iPhone for several years, I find it really difficult to access albums or songs from the now playing screen. The iOS redesign focuses on an updated style that represents a better a modern approach to User experience and design trends.

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