Hawaiian Airlines Redesign


Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. is the largest airline in Hawaii. It is the 8th largest commercial airline in the US, and is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you want to book a flight ticket you always check it out online, to see the price, their website or mobile app. I happened to use their mobile application and the book my flight page was really outdated. I felt that the page could look much better in terms of aesthetics and also provide a much better user experience.


After identifying the problem, I did a little research on how other popular music players are designed, also spoke to couple of my friends to understand if they also happen to face the similar problems. Based on my research I found that users are not able to perform certain action because of the limited user experience with the current ios player.

Around 60% of the users wanted to have an option of having the operations performed for a song while they were browsing other screens in the music player. About 40% of the users did mention about finding it really difficult to delete multiple songs and also unable to access the albums easily.

The Design

After a long iteration period, it was time for the visual designs. I created all the designs and interactions for the UI.

Work flow

The new design really solves the problem of accessing the albums, songs and other options. Just swipe left on the now playing screen and you can view all the songs for the current album. Swipe left again and you can perform several other functions including accessing the albums screen.

As you swipe left on the screen the music controls slide down and are easily accesable from any screen on the ios player.

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