Dropbox Redesign


Dropbox is a very powerful product that offers a cloud bases storage for personal and business use. I have been using Dropbox for over 4 years now. I always felt that the user interface is very outdated. After some user testing, here are the designs incorporating those feedback into the product.


In order to really understand what the users require I interviewed few of my friends and neighbours and asked them about their experience with using Dropbox. Most of them seemed to be happy with the features but were not really comfortable with the user experience. Few of them felt it difficult to navigate through the folders when they have a lot of content.

Some users commented that they would like to have a similar functionality as the operating systems file exploring interface, also the users found the font size to be really small and wanted some font size increments.


Wireframes are very helpful while creating a design. It shows the dependency between the screens. It helps you to work faster with fewer details to visual elements and focuses more on the user flow and user experience.

Three Column view
Thumbnail view
Table view

The Design

I wanted the UI to be really simple and very much familiar with the products commonly used by the user.

I wanted to make the whole browsing of files and folders seamless and hence I designed three different views - Thumbnail, tables and three-column views. The idea behind having the icons coloured is to help the user easily identify the type of file.

I also felt that on small screens having the three column would hinder the users experience. To solve this issue, the left sidebar can be collapsed by clicking the button the top. This creates more room to breath and helps the user to view the content at ease.

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